We can assist you with your conveyancing needs with our Statewide  Services including:

Acting for Buying or Selling of Property

         - Liaise with you

         - Liaise with your bank

         - Check the titles

         - Follow up special conditions

         - Do enquiries and follow ups with the various Government Departments

         - Prepare the various documents required

         - Arrange and book settlement

         - Distribute settlement proceeds

Deceased Estates

         - Transmission Applications

         - Survivorship Applications

Private Sales & Purchases

         - Assist with preparation of contracts

         - Assist with structure of special conditions


         - Applications for new titles

         - Amalgamation of Titles

         - Strata Titles

Other Title Issues

         - Change of name on titles

         - Court Orders

         - Transfer of property to related parties

         - Transfer of property to Super Funds and other Trusts

Attend Settlement

         - Attend settlement for sales and purchases of Rural properties ( Farms etc)

         - Transfer property between Family members

         - Attend Stamp Duty requirements

 Some of The Key Steps we Believe are Important to Your Settlement

Signing & return of Transfer of land document and any other documents you receive almost immediately you receive them

Signing & return of your lending documents from your banker

Liaising with Your Conveyancer at Champion Bay Settlements and ensuring we know when you are available to sign documents etc

If you are the seller, ensure you have attended the special conditions as required on the contract

If you are the buyer, follow up to ensure any matters required as per the contract are completed and in order prior to settlement

Pre settlement Inspection for buyer

Advise your Conveyancer at Champion Bay Settlements if there are any special conditions or agreements that require attention prior to settlement  



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